CryoLab is a modern health - and wellness studio. Focused on 100% natural treatments to create a healthier and happier you. We are on a mission to curate and find the most efficient, natural and proven treatments, technologies and products to make you feel better, perform better, live better and look better.

Faced with constant stress from our environment and lifestyle, our bodies work overtime to keep up with a modern lifestyle. This often leaves us depleted and in need of a physical and mental reboot.

Cryo therapy is exactly that, and so much more. Whole Body Cryo therapy is an invigorating, complete mind-body refresh in only 3 minutes.

But this is only the start. With the advancements in science, medicine and technology, there is so many options to optimize and improve your health and lifestyle, but it can be hard to navigate through the many offers and treatments - and find the ones that are most efficient and healthy for your body. It is our ambition to find and curate the most advanced treatments and products available internationally and share them with as many as possible.


I have never been a big supporter of artificial measures in rejuvenating appearance nor mind, so I began to scan the market internationally for all kinds of natural treatments, technologies, dietary supplements, lifestyle products etc. that existed and could help the body's own natural processes. This is also called biohacking, and it was in connection with this research that I discovered Whole Body Cryo Therapy.

I clearly remember the butterflies in my stomach when I first tried it, 3 years ago in NYC; is it uncomfortable? Is it dangerous even? But I was instantly hooked, and even noticed that both my jet lag and hangover from the night before had been significantly reduced. The fluids in the body drained, my skin felt tighter and my mood was high, and that night I slept like a baby.

Cryo quickly became a great passion and something I did on every possible occasion in connection to my many travels. Over the last 2 years I have tested over 50 different treatments, machines, combinations of cryo therapy around the world, and I have spent endless hours researching and understanding the benefits of the treatment.

That no one had brought the treatment to Denmark before me, is still hard for me to comprehend, but therefore it’s also an even greater joy for me to be able to realize this dream and my passion for Cryo therapy, with the launch of the first CryoLab studio in Denmark.

More locations are on the way, and we’re looking into bringing more new bio-hacking treatments and products to Denmark as well.

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