You can find answers to most questions regarding purchases and transactions on the webshop here.

For any unsolved answers, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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I am a new customer. How do I place an order?

All products in our webshop are available for purchase. 
You can choose treatments of your interest or purchase a gift card. Just choose your preferred product and select

“add to basket”. You can add multiple products to your order by locating them in similar manner. 

Once you are ready to check-out, just click “go to order”.

Please have your credit card or payment details ready. Once you have completed this information, please click

“place order”.



Can I reach you by phone?

You are of course more than welcome to give us a call on (+45)26324979. 
Our phonelines are open weekdays 8:00 – 18:00. Please remember you also can send us an email at

We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you. 


Questions regarding a product or treatment

I need more information about a product or treatment

We provide as many details as possible about our products and treatments, but should you however

need additional or complementary information please send your questions to



Questions regarding payments


Which credit cards and forms of payment do you accept?







All prices on the webshop include Danish VAT (25%). All transactions on CRYOLABCPH.dk are processed in Danish.

Credit Card

During check-out will you be presented with a detailed overview of selected products and treatments,

as well as the total balance. When you continue to the payment phase you will be redirected to a secure

server authorized by NETS, where you will need to provide the following information:


Credit card number

Expiration Date

CCV/CVC Numbers

Once completed, confirm payment to finalize the process. 

If you fail to complete the form correctly, CRYOLAB will not be able to process your payment. 

The authorized amount will not be captured from your card or account until your booking has been complete. 
In the process of registering your booking in the system, you will automatically receive a full invoice statement


Is it safe to order online?

Once you have selected your preferred items or treatments and want to proceed to payment, you will automatically

be redirected to what is known as a secure server hosted by DIBS. 
From this point, all communication between you and the server are conducted on a secure connection encrypted

with SLL (Secure Socket Layer).

This encryption serves to safeguard you and the information you enter, ensuring your info cannot be monitored or

tracked by anyone. 

The transmission is approved by NETS, and provides you the safest possible transaction.

Whilst finding yourself on a secure connection, your browser will show a secure server icon.

On Firefox, Chrome or Safari, this is illustrated by a closed padlock.

Do I have to order online?

You are very welcome to call our clinic and reach our personnel through phone.

We will happily assist you with bookings and reservations.  


When do you capture the payment?

Your pending amount will only be captured once you successfully complete a booking.

Captures can never withdraw a larger amount than what you have approved upon authorization.



”CRYOLAB” reserves the right to change terms, incl. prices, products, content and pictures etc. We cannot be held responsible for typos on our website or advertising material. 
We can furthermore not be held accountable technical errors or server issues, internet connections or compatibility issues. 

Possible shortcomings cannot be claimed against the website, like the website does not guarantee data validity. The websites waives responsibility for technical errors and general errors. Additionally, “CRYOLAB” reserves the right to cancel events due to insufficient sign-ups. In instances of cancellations, prepaid balances will automatically be reimbursed. 
CRYOLABCPH.dk reserves the right to deny orders and delete costumers from the customers from the system without warning or further explanation.

Visitors to CRYOLABCPH.dk acknowledge they will be registered, along with monitoring of their activities on the website. 
CRYOLABCPH.dk reserves the right to refuse visitors access to parts of the website, or entire domain, through exclusion of certain IP-addresses. 
This can be executed without warning or any further explanations. 


For further information regarding our privacy policies –  click here.

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