While whole body cryotherapy triggers an internal systematic anti-inflammatory response, local cryo is a more powerful and efficient form of “icing.” Local cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in specifically targeted areas.
Temperatures of localised cryo can reach as low as -60 celcius and treatments typically last between 2-10 minutes generating a high-intensity reaction called thermal shock. This technique stimulates the cutaneous receptors and act’s on the body’s enzymes, vascular and lymphatic systems. Local cryotherapy fights worn-out, overworked and inflamed areas of the body by constricting blood vessels in specific areas to decrease pain and inflammation. 


  • Relieves pain immediately

  • Stops inflammatory crisis

  • Triggers immediate musclar relaxation

  • Lessens healing time following surgery

  • Decreases headaches and fatigue

  • Reduces swelling and edemas

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Rejuvenates the skin on a cellular level

  • Firms and tightens skin

  • Increases vitality of targeted areas

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