Inflammation can become a health issue, causing problems such as chronic pain, 

depression, diabetes, autoimmune symptoms and so much more

Inflammation can become a health issue if it becomes overly reactive, causing problems such as chronic pain, depression, diabetes, autoimmune symptoms and so much more. Inflammation is basically the root of everything bad in our body.


Cryotherapy has been proven to have a positive and anti-inflammatory effect on these issues:

1) Triggering an increase in norepinephrine, which is the body’s own natural pain killer (the body produces 3-5 times more norepinephrine for each WBC session).

2) Through Vasoconstricyion of blood vessels, which squeezes inflammation and pain-causing chemicals out. 


Whole body cryo temperature is significantly colder than humans have become used to. Exposing the body to such temperatures stimulates the brain’s life-threatening environment. It can also elicit other benefits due to its proven anti-inflammatory properties and impacting other recovery factors such as sleep and muscle recovery.


Furthermore, it is a good way to prevent the harmful effects of inflammation due to exercise and soreness. This is exactly why a full-body exposure to cold - and dry air has become so popular in sports medicine, where cryo is often used to speed up recovery post-injury and counteract inflammatory symptoms from overuse - as athletes commonly experience chronic intense workloads in stressful situations.

Also, findings have shown that whole-body cryotherapy is helpful in relieving stress conditions as it lowers hormones such as cortisol (associated with stress) and increases anabolic hormones. In the majority of the studies on WBC; muscular tiredness, pain and well-being post demanding exercise showed signs of improvement – relieving symptoms of inflammatory conditions.


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